Monday, 29 March 2010

Super Street Fighter 4 - Official New Ultra Combos [Complete] - PlayJamUK

It's the video i've been waiting for all this time, a complete look at all the new ultra's in SSFIV, now my existence can continue with a purpose, owning game of 2010 so far; quite the statement I know.

It could be said though that I am a little dissapointed with the fact a few of the characters now have ultra's that are pretty much identical; i.e Gouken and Sakura, but it's not as if you HAVE to use these all the time, it's great that you have a choice to differ between two sets for fights depending on which one you feel you can do the most damage with, or maybe just the one that looks cool.

My personal favourites would have to be El Fuerte's newest, Zangief's newest, Rufus newest, Dudley's first and Hakan's second, the latter for being just the funniest position you could ever find yourself in. In a way I can find myself becoming likened to Balrog's newest aswell, it might be three hits but my gawd you could feel that one all the way from Japan. I'm almost certain that for most players, they will see few of the newest ultra's to end up as a useless tool, rather to have the sequence be completed for them; going by Youtube comments, but I guess Capcom want to test even the most profient player into finding a use for it, so get use to it.

A thankyou is in order to PlayJamUK for making the video, and perhaps i'll freeze myself to skip the wait for the game.......what?, a month is quite a while in my book :/

Friday, 26 March 2010

Super Street Fighter IV : Dudley 'Opening'

So guessing from the trailer we have here the openings for each character shall begin with still framed artwork instead of crappy animation, yeah i'm all for that, sorta going back to the norm for fighting story arcs. It creates a more mellow beginning to the reasons for your characters participation, just hope the endings are in the same concept.

I chose Dudley's opening in particular to make this point because of the music if i'm to be honest, plus he's one of the more interesting newer characters to appear in the game, and their's nothing like trying to take your mind off your missing car then a fighting tournement, brilliant.

Thursday, 18 March 2010

NBA Jam 2010:- Trailer

Holy free holy this takes me back, the only basketball game I ever needed; or played for that matter at the time, is to make it's surprised return to the court, somebody pinch me.

The game I couldn't put down fifteen years ago comes back to haunt me, and thankfully seems to be it's old self under the skin even with the new face-lift. "He's on fire!", "boom shaka laka!", these words have echoed in my life certainly at strange moments, and so it begins again for a different reason, just hope people don't start thinking i'm crazy if I say it out loud in a public place. The whole arcade feel to this made it fun to play and no doubt made you look better at it then perhaps you really were, but where's the fun in that if it wasn't a possibility?. Looks like it's going to be a few late nights with the controller in one hand and a pizza in the other, now i've just got to work out where to put my beer.

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

SSF4:- Hakan Trailer

Wow......that was unexpected, all pre-conceptions of Hakan being a serious character have gone out the window, but yet, I am not dissapointed, far from it actually. I just so happen to be a Dan fan, and as strange and idiotic that sounds, comedy characters are are huge hit with me, so this seems like an early birthday present. Capcom, for your kind donation I would like to offer you a gold star.

When I first heard those words 'looks like it's time to oil up' I certainly didn't expect him to be THIS oiled, and using it to great comedic affect just makes the inevitable defeat of your serious Ken playing online opponent all the more humiliating. Man I want this game, comedy characters rule.

Friday, 5 March 2010

3D Dot Game Heroes:- Overworld Gameplay

It's funny to see some of the Youtube comments here from irate gamers as I type this, 'DA DA DA DA! You got the Master Sw...! Oops, wrong game *COUGH*THAT'S ROCK BOTTOM SONY*COUGH'. I'm sure the creators are well awhere about the games almost Zelda-like quality, but rather I feel it's a compliment to the great series. I'm sure that Miyamoto would of wanted his creations to be share throughout the world rather then selfishly kept them to himself, and that if their were ways to expand them in anyway then no doubt the man would be honoured to have played such a big part to many aspiring game developers.

I for one think that this is a great game that really takes me back, it's a welcome change to most of the rendered garbage you see today, it's fun, simple, and well............retro!